Posted by: marceloaraujo | December 13, 2008

Bye bye 2008, welcome 2009.

I’m back to Brazil and much things happening in my life, you can see that, it’s one of motives that I don’t posting with some frequency.
Then, my trip to China was amazing, I was there during 36 days, I saw HongKong and Shenzhen, beatiful cities for live. I would like to live there in next year, but in currently economic world, actually haven’t a good health. So I’ll waiting some world reaction and so getting this idea again.

For me the trip was very good, China is wonderful, the people there are friendly, have a good education to welcome your guests and frankly, there are people extremely happy, or can I say, all very happy.

If you are a bit curious to see the pictures, you can access the URL below, there are many pictures about my trip.

Well, now is the end of year, I have some tasks to do before it, after it, I’ll go to the beach, I’ll stay some days in GAMBOA with my wife and my little dog. I’ll get my vacation at 31th of December and I’ll be back to work at 26th of January. The good news is when I back to work, I have one new project waiting for me.

Then, that all having a good end of year, that all will pray a little to god and that 2009 will be a good year, with much money, with much trip and with much business. Health and peace for all.

Good bye 2008, I’ll miss you.
A warm welcome to 2009, bring me beatiful dreams.


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