Posted by: marceloaraujo | December 13, 2008

Bye bye 2008, welcome 2009.

I’m back to Brazil and much things happening in my life, you can see that, it’s one of motives that I don’t posting with some frequency.
Then, my trip to China was amazing, I was there during 36 days, I saw HongKong and Shenzhen, beatiful cities for live. I would like to live there in next year, but in currently economic world, actually haven’t a good health. So I’ll waiting some world reaction and so getting this idea again.

For me the trip was very good, China is wonderful, the people there are friendly, have a good education to welcome your guests and frankly, there are people extremely happy, or can I say, all very happy.

If you are a bit curious to see the pictures, you can access the URL below, there are many pictures about my trip.

Well, now is the end of year, I have some tasks to do before it, after it, I’ll go to the beach, I’ll stay some days in GAMBOA with my wife and my little dog. I’ll get my vacation at 31th of December and I’ll be back to work at 26th of January. The good news is when I back to work, I have one new project waiting for me.

Then, that all having a good end of year, that all will pray a little to god and that 2009 will be a good year, with much money, with much trip and with much business. Health and peace for all.

Good bye 2008, I’ll miss you.
A warm welcome to 2009, bring me beatiful dreams.

Posted by: marceloaraujo | August 3, 2008

Traveling to China.

I’m very happy to know that I’ll make a traveling to China during 30 days in August and September. I’ll traveling for business but I’ll see Paris French, China HongKong, China Shenzhen and who’s know Africa. It’s a good opportunity to improve my English and know another cultures. I’m very excited to go, my traveling begins in 28th August and finish in 25th September.
Obviously I’ll make some shopping for me, my wife and some friends.
My wish list: PSP, iPHONE, Notebook Bags, Tennis Nike, Camera photograph.
My wife wish list: Tennis Nike, Dishes, Glasses, Cutlery, iPhone… -_-.
For my friends: Things.

Posted by: marceloaraujo | July 23, 2008

New ports committer: Philip M. Gollucci

I proposed the Philip M. Gollucci to ranking of ports committers some days ago. The proposal was accepted, less than two days after I sent the proposal, we receive of the core team the answer. Yes, a warm welcome to Philip M. Gollucci to the ranking of committers. Him did a good work and as usual him received the punishment. I’ll be the mentor and Gabor Kovesdan(gabor@) a co-mentor.

Published in Droso’s blog: Philip has been working on apache for a long time and has been increasingly interesting in FreeBSD as well. Marcelo Araujo finally stepped in and made him commit his own patches. Philip is going to be a great addition to our ports team!

I’m very happy to see pgollucci here.

Posted by: marceloaraujo | June 30, 2008

Voices inside my head.

All days you are obligated to choose an option, wake up and go to war OR don’t worry and continue to sleep.

What do you prefer?


Participe você também e ajude um projeto livre.

Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

Ajude a sustentar a Wikipédia e outros projetos, sem colocar a mão no bolso, e concorra a um Eee PC!

…e também a pen drives, card drives, camisetas geeks, livros e mais! O BR-Linux e o Efetividade lançaram uma campanha para ajudar a Wikimedia Foundation e outros mantenedores de projetos que usamos no dia-a-dia on-line. Se você puder doar diretamente, ou contribuir de outra forma, são sempre melhores opções. Mas se não puder, veja as regras da promoção e participe – quanto mais divulgação, maior será a doação do BR-Linux e do Efetividade, e você ainda concorre a diversos brindes!

Posted by: marceloaraujo | June 21, 2008

Intel Embedded Conference 2008

Happened in the WTC Hotel on day 18th at São Paulo. Intel Conference day present for us some new business models and new way for technology in Intel vision.
Some players in the market showed for us new products and new tendency’s like IPTV, Digital TV, System on chip, SSD and Micro Processors.

The Conference really showed what proposed for us.

Posted by: marceloaraujo | May 16, 2008

New job position

Few weeks ago I changed my position in company where I work. New challenges and opportunities is needed to bring back a good excitement. I continue to work with Open Source Projects, for me this is nice.

That’s All!

Posted by: marceloaraujo | April 19, 2008

Only the first 10 of 2168 ports in this commit are shown above.

Few days ago I worked in a patch originally written by pgollucci to use some benefits of, these benefits are the use of CPAN instead of ${MASTER_SITE_PERL_CPAN} and in some cases we can remove MASTER_SITE_SUBDIR entirely of port. Today I committed this modification in 2168 ports. I believe that we have another ports which must receive the same modification. CPAN macro is very similar with SF and in some cases CPAN make more easy ours work.

For this work I used some tools that automated the modifications:
island# find ports/*/ -name Makefile | xargs sed -ie ‘s,\${MASTER_SITE_PERL_CPAN},CPAN,’
island# find ports/*/ -name Makefile | xargs sed -ie ‘/^MASTER_SITE_SUBDIR/d’
island# find ports/*/ -name Makefilee -exec rm {} \;

I created a script to check if all ports that received the changes yet are fetchable.

$ cat
for i in `cat list.txt`
echo $i
cd /c/ports/$i
make fetch >>/c/log.txt 2>&1
if [ $? -ne 0 ]
cat /c/log.txt >>/c/portserrors.txt
#cd /usr/ports/$i ; portinstall -F $i 1>error

After two days of downloads, I put this patch within pointyhat cluster that found only three ports with problem.

Posted by: marceloaraujo | April 7, 2008

The bread machine.

Bread-MachineYesterday I bought a bread machine, is very easy to make all types of breads, sweet bread, bread in shape, think that your mind is the limit.
The other good thing is that you have a timer to control when your bread is ready, imagine that you wakes with a smell of bread warm inside your home and take a coffee with a bread made at the time.
You also choose how should roast your bread in three levels, you have too 12 functions pre-programmed to make some types of bread.

Posted by: marceloaraujo | March 7, 2008

New committer: Felippe de Meirelles Motta

It happened again. After sending more than 250 PRs, it was not to be avoided and my former mentee Gabor stepped up, together with araujo as co-mentor, to punish Felippe de Meirelles Motta (AKA lippe) with a ports commit bit. Keep up the good work, all three of you!

Reference: Here

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